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George Clooney and South Sudan

March 18, 2012

One chief problem with South Sudan is an issue America has ignored for centuries. That is the matter of education and empowerment to the masses, especially in the Darfur regions. South Sudan has been a source of slavers, genocide and assassination through the ages. Now we (Yachats Books) is working to spread education and language skills throughout central/east Africa, which includes both Sudans, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, etc. In these nations the books are then distributed, mostly free. This gives access to reading, writing, math and other skills for the masses of people in these nations. Freedom for ourselves is costly. Our support for freedom for others is costly as well. Yet we know that our own freedom depends on our support of freedom for others. And if all we can do is send books, (language, math, appropriate religious, music, whatever) then that is our calling.


Hello world!

December 11, 2009

I always like to be the guest of honor at a party…. well, except a necktie party, I suppose.

Next Saturday is important to us.  50 years ago, on the 19th of December, Donella and I were married.  She has put up with me far longer than anyone thought she would.

Now, this morning I received an email from Greg Scott telling us that the town center merchants are throwing a party that evening.  There is really nothing else going on.  The party must be for us, in our honor, thrown by the city center merchants of Yachats.

I do not know what all will happen, but it should be a good time.  So we invite all of you to come join us.  Just show up.  No reservations are required.

This afternoon, the music world at the Presbyterian church did their Christmas thing.  It was great.  Choir, bells, chimes, organ, piano, and me sitting in the pew.  It was a fine time.  You should have been there.

So, anyway, hope all is well with you.