AOL Mail (1)

Over the past several years I have stewed a lot over the situation of our wounded and sick warriors returning from wars. Lately, these wars have been between Presidents of the U.S. and overseas. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Many of these warriors are either working on their own healing or are just being warehoused until their end comes. There must be — and is — something we can do to make their lives a little easier.

Several of my books, found on Amazon, are very appropriate and good reading for these men and women. “Tales and Prayers…”, “A Jubilee Workbook”, “And Crown Thy Good”, “Jesus – The Nazareth Stories” (The young Jesus), and “Jesus – The Capernaum Stories” (The end of Jesus’ life). In addition, the large print versions of the “Jesus” books are very easy reading. All are written in grade five reading level.

My suggestion is that we all take the time to send some of these books to various reading libraries around the country. Military and civilian hospitals and homes, prisons & jails, even individuals we know in our own communities could use these books.

As part of this, if you will email me at, I will use every penny of the royalties I get from these gifts to send more books to institutions around the country. Let’s get together and make good things happen.

luv y’all


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